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Welcome to the after-party

Whoa, you made it back here? I really appreciate you spending so much time with me. This is where I keep the cats—a few older or one-off projects wrangled from corners of the internet that I’m still proud of.

Occasional essayist

Pineapple doesn’t make a pizza Hawaiian, here’s why

Did you learn pineapple makes a pizza Hawaiian? A Hawaiian shirt is a kitschy floral button-down only your middle-aged uncle wears? That Aloha translates to hello and goodbye, respectively? You’re not technically wrong on some of those. But let’s zhoosh up your cultural literacy.

It’s Asian Pacific American Heritage month [and] May 1st was Lei Day, one of the biggest cultural celebrations in Hawai’i. So I’d love to share how we might better honor America’s 50th state… Read more

How to Collaborate with Your UX Writers (By a UX Writer)

In today’s tech industry, it’s not enough to have software that works. You need software that’s intuitive, beautiful, and has great content. That next-level product requires a magical team of designers, researchers, developers, and one craft you may still be getting to know: UX writers.

Not sure what a UX writer is? Open your favorite app. Go ahead, I’ll wait… Read more

When Your Creative Job is Killing Your Creativity

I walk up to my front door. Fumbling with my keys, I’m distracted by the heavy purse digging into my shoulder. My left arm mediates a fight between two grocery bags; and my right arm has forsaken a backpack of gym clothes at my feet. It’s the end of another Thursday. And my workweek—a series of rapid-fire meetings (this could’ve been in an email, Jerry), missed lunches (when did it become 3:45 pm?) and hasty workouts (here’s lookin’ at a nearly-thirty tummy)—has left me … unsatisfied… Read more

Jargon is destroying my writing. But I can’t stop using it.

I’m in software marketing. And nothing gives my lead count a boost like jargon — lots and lots of jargon. If I write an email that has the word “implementation” in it, I’ve got a dozen more clicks. If I host a webinar with the phrase “lean product development” in the title, I’m banking on fifty more attendees. If I tweet the word “workflow,” I have a new follower… Read more

How the F Word saved my life. And other effects of ugly journaling.

I’m gonna let you in on one of the most private parts of my life: I’m a cutter. And no, I’m not talking about arts and crafts. For the last fifteen years, I’ve struggled with garden-variety levels of depression and self-harm. [..] But when it comes to destructive desires it’s not easy to just say, “shake it off.” […]

So what do I do with the words in my head? I write them down. And I write them down some more. And then I write them down all over again… Read more

Advocacy Writer and Public Speaker (2013 – 2016)

The Death of the Princess

“Girls—to build a spaceship. Girls—to code the new app. Girls—to grow up knowing that they can engineer that.” And thus, came the new feminist anthem that rang across the internet… Read more

One Simple Thing: GungGung’s Repair Legacy

It’s likely you’ve seen today’s fashionistas sporting bright, chunky watches—in gold or silver, with shimmer and diamonds. […] Nope. My watch is black and rubber. It’s small and waterproof. It has the amazing technological ability to alternate between 24- and 12-hour settings.

Certainly, no one has been accused of calling it glamorous. But I do wear it—proudly. Because it’s not just an accessory. It’s a legacy, left to me by my grandfather… Read more

Let Boys Be Boys: Confessions of a Female Fixoholic

Alright, so I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. But you gotta promise you won’t tell my fellow iFixiters. I’m not a fixer.

I don’t fix my computer when its hard drive overheats. I don’t puff up with confidence when I get a flat tire. I don’t look at a broken curtain rod and say, “I got this.” Nope—I’m not the girl you’re looking for. At least, I wasn’t… Read more

The Young Women of St. Joesph’s Academy

A group of young female students sit around a table, laughing and talking. But they’re not discussing school, boys, or music. Instead, they’re talking how to replace a dead hard drive, how to install a case fan, and how to salvage a water-damaged motherboard. This isn’t a new topic of conversation for the young women of St. Joseph’s Academy—an all-girls K-12 school in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. These young women are computer repair experts—and they’ll run IT circles right around you… Read more

What’s Your Fixophobia?

I’ve been getting a lot of requests lately—requests I never anticipated. Can you help me fix my iPhone display? (Indeed I can). Will you show me how to repair my laptop’s trackpad? (Sure—which one?) What’s the best hack for my Nintendo 3DS? (I don’t know, but I can find out).

I’m no MacGyver. But after I announced to the world that I’m a Female Fixoholic back in September, my inbox has been pretty full… Read more

Host of “The Dozuki Workshop Series” (2014 – 2016)

45 Minutes to Better Writing

Julia Bluff, co-author of our popular Tech Writing Handbook, leads this crash course on technical writing and communication. Watch the webinar

Taking Quality Process Photos

Miroslav Djuric, former Chief Information Architect of iFixit, leads this webinar on photographing your processes. This workshop will teach you the basics of composing a good photo, the pros/cons of different kinds of cameras (including cellphone cameras), equipment, as well as how to work with the lighting/environment constraints in your particular facility. Watch the webinar

Lean Product Development with Goodyear

Join Norbert Majerus, Shingo Prize Winner, and Senior Master Black Belt at Goodyear, for an in-depth look at how Goodyear successfully implemented lean principles, overcame obstacles, and transitioned to lean development cycles. Watch the webinar