What’s it like working with me? Maybe this will help.

I‘m the UX Writing Manager at Mindbody. Here’s my Manager Readme: a one-pager that lays out my leadership style and values. It’s continuously evolving.


Being a manager is a title. Being a leader is a role. For you, I’ll always strive to be both. Some days we’ll dig into the nitty gritty of your work. Other days I’m showing off our value and impact to executives.

I promise to bring my whole, authentic self to work. I hope you feel the same way, too.

The job’s three main buckets: 1) Maintain and evolve the company’s voice, tone, and brand strategy across products, 2) Lead and grow the skills of our UX Writers, 3) Create a design-thinking culture.

Leadership values

  • Kind and strategic choices with an infinite mindset for the company and for you
  • Safe spaces based on shared Brené-esque vulnerability and respect
  • Continual education around hard and soft skills (mine, too)
  • Protection with my confidentiality, coaching, and intervention, if needed
  • Transparency where communication is sincere and no question is too small
  • Fulfilling, meaningful work through initiative and creating opportunities
  • Career preparation within the company—and beyond

Expectations (for you and me)

  • Lift your fellow teammates up, instead of pulling them down
  • Respect everyone by showing up on time and being present; I admire a closed laptop during a meeting
  • Be communicative and proactive—follow up on tasks or share when you’ll be out of the office
  • Practice giving feedback that’s compassionate but also candid and specific
  • Practice receiving feedback with curiosity and a bit of tough skin
  • Spend time on problems before rushing to solutions—ask questions (and practice asking really good ones)
  • Approach situations from a place of empathy and a benefit-of-the-doubt attitude


Consistent, frequent 1:1s. This is your time. We’ll spend a few minutes looking at your recent accomplishments and what you’re looking forward to. Topics are up to you—your projects, your career goals, team conflicts, or professional and personal highlights.

Weekly team huddles. This is our time. As a group, we’ll roundtable what we’re working on. Then we’ll workshop ideas, discuss industry hot topics, or try out skill-building activities.

Office hours. I have an open-door policy. (I was a teacher, after all.) I block off an hour and a half a week that’s reserved just for our team. Stop by my desk or pop into my Zoom room—I’ll be there—so we can go over designs and content. First come, first serve. You may bring guests, like fellow designers or researchers, but that’s up to you.

Personality type

I’ve been told that these assessments reflect me pretty well.

I’m a gregarious optimist who takes pride in my work. I’ll be one of the first to raise my hand and dig in. (Add in a dash of a “yes, and” philosophy from my theatre days.) My favorite moments are the take-a-deep-breath conversations about what’s hard and real.

If you’re a coworker, I’d love your feedback. It’s important to me that I actually live up to these values.

If you’re a fellow manager, chat with me about your own secret sauce. There’s so many ways to lead—let’s keep each other on our toes.